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Bedding provided

All our rooms have a mattress cover, sheets and two pillows with their respective covers for each guest.

Towels provided

All our rooms have a towel for each guest.

camisas plegables

We provide laundry service so that our guests can wash their dirty clothes. Laundry is received early in the morning and delivered clean and folded the next morning. Dirty clothes are weighed and the laundry fee is $1 per pound.

Transport service

We provide private transfer services to the airport and to any part of the country. Rates vary depending on destination. We also organize transportation “shuttles” to San Jorge, Rivas, San Juan del Sur and León. Rates vary depending on destination.

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Breakfast included

All our room prices include breakfast. We alternate one day serving the traditional typical breakfast of gallo pinto, scrambled eggs, bread and coffee/tea; and the next day pancakes with bananas and coffee/tea.

Excursiones turísticas

Organizamos tour o excursiones turísticas a la Lava Volcán Masaya, a la Laguna de Apoyo, a las Isletas de Granada y al Volcán Mombacho. Pueden ver más detalles abajo o en la página de QUE HACER.

Sightseeing excursions

We organize tours or tourist excursions to the Masaya Volcano Lava, the Apoyo Lagoon, the Islets of Granada and the Mombacho Volcano. You can see more details below or on the WHAT TO DO page.

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