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El Arca de Noé is an affordable accommodation located in the historic heart of the beautiful city of Granada, Nicaragua, just two blocks from the Central Park, the Cathedral and Calle la Calzada. We offer a calm, relaxed and familiar environment, ideal for individuals and couples who want comfort and convenience, accompanied by close and personalized service. Our prices include breakfast, plus a historical driving tour of Granada.

At the time of reception, we give guests our Map of Granada and tell them about our city, suggesting places to eat and places of interest to visit such as buildings, parks, museums and others. We also offer the main tours that can be done in the surroundings of Granada, such as the Apoyo Lagoon, the Masaya Volcano Lava, the Granada Islets and the Mombacho Volcano Natural Reserve.

El Arca de Noé is an authentic Granada family business. Our family has been living in Granada for more than 200 years. We, the Benard Mejía family, the owners of the property, started the accommodation at the beginning of 2016, taking advantage of the tourism boom in Nicaragua.

In addition to providing us with economic income by exploiting our family assets, this venture has blessed us with the vocation of hoteliers, and has strengthened our Granada identity, by allowing us to celebrate it daily by serving our clientele, with our warm hospitality characteristic of the city of Granada.

We decided to call our venture El Arca de Noé for several reasons, all of them different. Around the year 1880, our great-great-grandfather Eulogio Morales established in Granada what was probably the first hardware store in the city, which he called El Arca de Noé. Their slogan was “a little bit of everything,” just like the inhabitants of El Arca de Noé. In the same way, we also aim to provide our clientele with a little bit of everything: accommodation, food, tours and culture (Nicaraguan items). On the other hand, our property, being elevated a couple of meters above the street and having steps in the center, also has something of the appearance of El Arca de Noé.

However, the most important reason for this name is the concept of care and preservation that is implicit in said biblical story. Just as Noah cared for and preserved the inhabitants of the Ark during the flood, we too are dedicated to serving, caring for and ensuring the well-being and enjoyment of our guests during their stay on El Arca de Noé.

Additionally, all the rooms in our accommodation have the names of the different wild animals that frequently and freely visit our property. At the moment we have the Grackles, Pigeons, Canaries, Butterflies, Garrobos, Chocoyos, Hummingbirds and perrozompopos rooms.



​ Provide the best and most authentic accommodation service to all our visitors and guests.


To become the best and most authentic accommodation option in Granada.


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  • Love to serve

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Our location is one of the great attractions of our accommodation. El Arca de Noé is located in the heart of the historic center of Granada, just two blocks from the Central Park, the Cathedral and Calle la Calzada. Granada is a small city and very pleasant to walk around.


The Great Lake of Nicaragua, which is the attraction that is furthest from our accommodation, is just a 20-minute walk away. All other sites of interest such as the Municipal Market, the main churches and parks, bars and restaurants, museums and other important buildings in Granada are less than 10 minutes away on foot.


In our neighborhood, a few blocks away from El Arca de Noé, you will find hostels, hotels, bars, restaurants, convenience stores, banks, bakeries and pastry shops, laundromats, supermarkets and pharmacies.


Likewise, the city's main bus terminals are a few blocks away from our accommodation.

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